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Late Collections

A fee of £20 will be invoiced to parents each term for persistently late collection of children. This involves parents being late 5 times or more each half term (by late we mean not having collected your child within 5 minutes of the end of the session). 



Due to the problems we have encountered recently with collecting children’s fees we are tightening up on our practice.

Any monies owing for children’s fees will be expected on the first session that the child attends that week or paid in bulk up front. Ask a member of staff for details of how to pay.

Your child’s place is at risk if you fall behind with fees payments & you will be asked to take your child home until the payment is made.



Please do not bring children into the pre-school if they are ill or still recovering from an illness. If a child requires Calpol, or the like, then they are more than likely not well enough to attend. The policies & procedures that we run by states that anybody suffering from the sickness bug should not return to the setting for 48 hours. If you would like a copy of any of the policies, please do not hesitate to ask.


Helping out

If you would like to stay and play during a session please talk to a member of staff for more details.



We require each child to bring in a change of clothes, a pair of wellies & a coat to each session (this includes pants & socks) Please don’t send your child in clothes that you don’t want to get dirty – we have lots of ‘fun’ messy play activities on offer! Please ensure that your child’s footwear is suitable for climbing & physical play.


Healthy lunch boxes

Please remember that we require your children’s lunch boxes to contain healthy items. If you would like some ideas why not take a look at a book we have that is jam packed with recipes.

No chocolate please!




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