Physical activity

Moving in different ways, for example, hopping, jumping, marching, running as well as using different directions and speeds helps children to judge speeds, distances, time, power and effort. Equipping them with the ability to be confident and comfortable in their own bodies is vital to their health and wellbeing throughout life and should be instilled during their early years.

We encourage children to be as active as possible by following Cambridgeshire’s ‘Physical activity matters’ programme since physical activity is key to their learning which is demonstrated by the very fact that is one of the three Prime Areas of Learning.


…… and let’s not forget that sleep is as important to our bodies as food and it’s especially important for children.

The Children’s Sleep Charity has a wealth of information on their website.

We have leaflets on sleep related issues so please as a member of staff.


Babies need to be able to move around also and this helps make for a happy, healthy baby, so it’s important they are free to move their bodies. Putting babies on their tummies gives them a different view of the world and they will soon learn to roll over and start to try to crawl towards the things that catch their eye. The NHS website have information on ‘Tummy Time’ for babies at


Didi Rugby want children from as early an age as possible to become physically active and therefore form good life long habits in relation to physical activity that will help them in later life.



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